The Doctor, Part 14

Got a 

lightning scar,

a bleached


on my helmet

where some of this radioactive


splashed out the side of my tiny muppet mouth

with all the drugs:


if I stop

I’m not sure

what I’m doing,

I watch me

just following 






keep moving,

keep moving,


to the next


to the next


the next




out of the now

and into the next –


they prescribed


the white label on the light brown bottle says


point five milligrams

for racing thoughts


but I like

my thoughts

to race,


long as they don’t close in,


and when they creep up

like they do,

(quiet in the dark)

I leave the bottle 

in my red, cross-shaped 

medicine chest

with all the other 

new bottles

and stretch out 

like a straight blue line 

in the middle of the floor

listening to the air move 

from the rain outside the window

and into the room

again and again,

listening to my wife and daughter 

shuffling, rolling, kicking at sleep in their rooms,

the soundtrack

for thoughts

to race to,


point five milligrams

of life.


You can read the complete Doctor series here. 

to do list: cooking {part 2}

In my quest to add real food cooked in our real kitchen to our daily lives, in addition to pulling together recipes that look realistic and good, I've also been looking at some of the sites that either help with meal planning or actually putting together a meal. So far, most don't really suit what I think I can expect to be actually eaten to make ordering from Blue Apron or Plated worth it for me, I do see what I great option those site are for, well, people who actually eat food. Not, near facsimile of food-like concoctions that don't scare the fragile, food fearing creatures that inhabit my house. Someday, perhaps, if I dare to dream, we too may eat Zucchini Fritters with Endive, Nectarine & Parmesan Salad (from Blue Apron) or Grilled Vegetables with Pesto, Ricotta, and Mint (from plated) or Mushroom and Cauliflower Tacos with Quinoa (from Hello Fresh). I like that all 3 offer vegetarian options with great ingredients and can make even an out of the ordinary meal simple enough to prep for dinner at home. I also really like that Blue Apron offers up the recipes on the site or via email each week even if you're not ordering meals. 

Right now though, if I tried to serve anything that looked as suspicious as endive or cauliflower, I'd have a whole lot of leftovers to pack up while I was making the replacement dinner. I'm working on it, but we're not there quite yet. My goal right now is to get everyone tasting new things, sneaking them in where I can and building up to being able to make 1 dinner per night that everyone will likely eat a decent amount of without fuss, throwing it on the floor or spitting it out in my hand. Building up to the point where planning a menu for the week is actually possible, then comes the real food. 

So, for now, I'm sticking to sites that include recipes that offer recipes that I can easily adapt to the state of food that we are in right now and keep us moving forward to our goal of being people that actually eat food. These are a few of my favorites so far. 


Chickpea Noodle Soup from The Happy Herbivore

Chickpea Noodle Soup from The Happy Herbivore

The Happy Herbivore

This one is perfect for me because it's both made for vegetarians AND takes kids into consideration. Everything is simple, straightforward, quick and easy. Many offer vegatrain versions of classic favorites. There is even a meal plan option through the companion site,, that offers what looks to be like something we might be able to actually use in the future.  Several cookbooks are also available. 

California veggie sandwich from Martha Stewart

California veggie sandwich from Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart:

I have loved Martha since the very beginning and my 2 main cookbooks are by Martha (The Martha Stewart Living Cookbook: Original Classics & Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook. Though filled with tons of non-vegetarian options, the site contains a wealth of great vegetarian recipes, easily organized into convenient categories like "vegetarian sandwiches & wraps" and "vegetarian for kids". I can never get enough good sandwich ideas. My next cookbook acquisition will be Meatless (though I may have actually already downloaded the e-book version). And then, of course, there are the desserts, which can even be searched by mood. 


Thug Kitchen's upcoming cookbook due out Oct 7

Thug Kitchen's upcoming cookbook due out Oct 7

Thug Kitchen:

One of my most favorite sites because I love the recipes and it's fun. I'm looking forward to the cookbook coming out this fall, available for pre-order on Amazon. (this is just a link. I honestly do have an affiliate account, but I cannot be bothered to use it. at the moment.) You might just feel bullied into cooking something awesome.

smitten kitchen's blueberry crumb cake

smitten kitchen's blueberry crumb cake

smitten kitchen:

This is one of the first, and few, sites that I actually subscribed to the daily email updates for. The photography is lovely and so are the recipes. That blueberry crumb cake above is just the start. It's not all vegetarian, so there's plenty for everyone. And, yes, there is now a cookbook too. 

our house: the kitchen {update}

our kitchen, as it stands now, getting closer

our kitchen, as it stands now, getting closer

We have hit a close to being done spot in the kitchen. It's not done, but it's not starting to resemble where it will eventually end up. We've planned it out in probably 2 main stages- what we can do immediately to make it workable and then what we will go back and do later to make it pretty. Part one was supposed to be a quickie fix up to make it usable- replace the non-functioning appliances, yucky green laminate countertops and gross peel & stick floor tiles then paint the cabinets, but by our first morning in the house and increasingly over the next few days, we saw that quickie needed to be much more involved. Much of what we've done has been determined with issues that have pushed their way into the plan- refrigerator flooding the kitchen on day one, blinds on 2 windows falling off soon after, a dead range and a malicious washer/dryer set that managed to crack a window, more than half of our kitchen boxes sitting unpacked in the dining room and so on. When the whole thing is finally done, I'll do a post on the entire glorious experience of part one. It was supposed to be done in March. It's now August and we're getting close, as we work along with working on the 3 million other "little" things on the part one list that our house requires immediately. Here's where we are right now. 

We still have lots of little things to do- a few more shelves to mount, bins for over the washer and dryer, new doors for the closet, replace the hardware with the final version, paint and oil a few edges, add the stainless panel behind the stove, build a permanent cover for the hood, do the final stainless toe kick, remove the rest of the wallpaper and paint the main walls white. There's probably more. The plan is to eventually move the washer and dryer to the basement and redo that side of the kitchen with more cabinets and a better spot for the microwave and to replace the counters with marble (to accompany the lovely marble window ledges), soapstone. or maybe quartz.  We'll also deal with replacing the shades & the big florescent light and properly deal with the floor and backsplash/tile situation, as well as fixing the messy plaster whatnots that we are ignoring for the moment. 


I'll leave all of the details for the final post, but the quick version is:

Cabinets: IKEA APPLAD 

Countertops: IKEA NUMERÄR butcher block stained with Dark Tongue Oil, Stainless top over washer/dryer IKEA SANFRID table top

Faucet & shelf brackets IKEA, sink from Signature Hardware

Appliances: Range- Samsung, Dishwasher & Refrigerator- KitchenAid, Washer & Dryer- LG

Blue paint- BEHR Velvet Evening, White paint- BEnjamin Moore Simply White (to match the Applad doors)

Here's a bit of where we started:

in the beginning

in the beginning

things we love: what's new at IKEA

The NOCKEBY line, especially with the wood legs. 

  FLYGA Duvet cover and pillowcase(s


FLYGA Duvet cover and pillowcase(s

  GUNNERN Lockable cabinet, blue


GUNNERN Lockable cabinet, blue

the new DUKEN headboard cover- Luröy

the new DUKEN headboard cover- Luröy

the NORDLI line of modular, configurable dressers

the NORDLI line of modular, configurable dressers

IKEA PS cabinet in blue

IKEA PS cabinet in blue

While the cabinet itself is not new (we've had the gray version of many years), I love this new blue color. 

BOTKYRKA, yellow

BOTKYRKA, yellow



IKEA’s time travel experiment

Adam & Sofi and their "daughter" at 6

Adam & Sofi and their "daughter" at 6

I’d say it’s quite obvious that I’m a big IKEA fan, so I am excited to be presenting our first IKEA sponsored post. Both this site and our house are filled with lovely things from IKEA. I love IKEA’s style, ease, efficiency, accessibility, affordability and adaptability. As parents of 4 children, IKEA is well suited to easily giving us exactly what we need as our needs constantly change over time. And I love that if I can’t find exactly what I need, I can search through the IKEA website or catalog and find the pieces I need to create my own version or adapt an IKEA piece I already have. Our paper towel holder started life a an IKEA sort toy for our oldest son and now lives on in our kitchen. I’m in the process of making a new art table for my children out of pieces from 2 LACK side tables and an old desk top, all in the same lovely shade of green. I love that I was able to put together a SÖDERHAMN sofa that fits all 6 of us comfortably, looks great and can continue to be adapted to our needs as everyone grows. I could go on and on about how IKEA adapts to our needs over time. 

In the spirit of this adapting to life with kids, as your needs change and grow over time as they change and grow, IKEA has just released the first installment of their time travel experiment. IKEA tasked world-renowned hypnotist Justin Tranz and a group of actors with sending a couple of IKEA shoppers on their own time travel journey as parents. 

“In the new IKEA catalogue you can find solutions for every episode in life”, says Johan Wickmark, Global Catalogue Manager for IKEA. And in the video we can see how IKEA can be part of this “family”’s life episodes over time, adapting to their needs as their daughter grows. The first video from the Time Travel Experiment debuted on Wednesday on YouTube, but you can see it below.  

 Coming up on Monday, a few of my favorite picks from the new IKEA catalog. 


* Thanks very much to IKEA for sponsoring this post. This post has been sponsored by IKEA, but my IKEA love is my own. 

The Doctor, Part 13


to an Evian bottle




a thin, clear plastic,

length of my arm 


into me,

Bruce Lee,

I am bringing 


to a gunfight





No one has said that

and I talked a long time

to my neighbor

on my black, diamond-plate stoop 

as the steamy, gray clouds covered the stars 

in last night’s swampy Brooklyn

we talked about

missing bullets,

this sweet kid from Tucson

who went over

a soldier


didn’t die,


lucky roadsign –



google and cringe,

I jig and shimmy,

I vault,

over that evil Alice Fucking Rabbithole,

I keep 

moving –




loading my punches


looking for an opening.


You can read the complete The Doctor series of poems here

fun finds {for kids}: rafa kids, fidget ring, ziazia bags & skip hop

Rafa Kids

This line of furniture and bedding for children is superb. Gorgeous modern design for the most amazing people in your lives. Rafa Kids is based in The Netherlands.


fidget ring tilt

fidget ring tilt

Fidget ring

Being the mother of fidgeters and a fidgeter myself, I really like these. The roll rings are pretty cool, but I personally would prefer the Tilt or maybe one of the Slides. Or maybe I need all of them. 


These cute handmade bags would be great for back to school if you;re looking for something just a bit different. The bags are made by Hilda Vanessa Ramos and are sold through her etsy shop, ziazia.

skip hop stroll & go stroller organizer

skip hop stroll & go stroller organizer

Skip Hop Grab & Go Stroller Organizer

Generally I find stroller organizers & bags to be of little actual use. I've spent 9 straight years using about 400 different strollers and stroller related products and this is one of the few stroller accessories that I actually love. It actually makes my life easier. It's been on my stroller for a few months now and I still love it. It does exactly what it's supposed to do without getting in the way. Hold cups or water bottles of many sizes, is insulated, fits well on the handlebar, has a detachable wristlet, holds my iPhone, keys, wallet, and assorted whatnots, easy on, easy off if needed.