Welcome to Green Spot Blue!

Because we know how complicated, busy, demanding, fun, exhausting and overwhelming “ordinary” can be, this is our goal: one spot. one stop. everything for your not so ordinary life.

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One thing that was important to us when we started GSB, was, and is, that people who write and make beautiful, amazing things have a place to show them to the world. We have been lucky enough to know many people who do just that and have been gracious enough to let us share their work here.  We hope to continue featuring the poetry, fiction, art, essays and anything else from those we believe in. 


Here’s a bit more about what inspire us to start Green Spot Blue:

I have been in love with magazines for as long as I can remember. As a child I had more magazine subscriptions than most adults have in a lifetime, thanks to my indulgent parents. I still remember staring at the covers every week at the grocery checkout and my finally asking my mother to buy one for me. It was Vogue and I was 8. Fashion was my big love- ELLE, French Vogue, Mirabella, Glamour, Mademoiselle, Town & Country, W. I lived for the next Fashions of the Times supplement. Anything with an occasional fashion spread and it was mine, but I also loved anything with pictures. If they were beautiful that was even better. Architectural Digest, Country Life, which my father would bring back from England, Life, Time, National Geographic. I would read any magazine. I loved Road & Track and Car and Driver. I just loved magazines. 

One day, while having my hair cut, for the first time in a year, I read what I realized was my first Vogue in over 5 years. At that point I was already working on this site. I had realized that there is so much in the world that I am interested in, I just don’t have the time to do most of it. I don’t have time to get my hair cut, much less sift though piles of magazines and endless websites looking for what I am interested in and passing by what I’m not and still look at what I really need to see for my daily life. I just needed it all in one place, so I decided to make that place.