Things we love for kids: Morgan & Milo

This week I just have to focus on one things that I truly love for kids, Morgan & Milo shoes. I have mentioned my love for them before in our picks for kids and in our back to school loves, but I just want to mention them again because I LOVE them more than I can say. Why? Because these shoes have made my life so much easier, not once but twice. They are quite possibly miracle shoes.

There are many other children’s shoe brands that I love. I love the styling, fit, ease of use (for me and my children), but when it comes down to a shoe that will stay on little feet and get us out the door it has repeatedly been Morgan & Milo that saves the day. Last year when my then 3 year old would not wear shoes, a pair of Morgan & Milo sneaks saved us from constant torturous battles to keep shoes on his feet so that I could get him & his brother to school. He hated all shoes, said they hurt, would yank them off faster than I could get them on. No matter what I tried, his shoes were off and he would scream like he was being murdered rather than put them back on. A bit unpleasant at home, but not the best when we’re sitting in the car, late for school & throngs of parents and children are walking by and really bad when it’s too cold for bare feet. As soon as he saw his Morgan & Milos (Avery, shown below in blue), he was sold. After trying them on, he didn’t want to take them off & I couldn’t blame him. They made me want a pair just like them too.

Now, with child #4, who is nearing 2, we are back to a similar battle and it is once again getting too cold to go barefoot & we just can’t afford the time it takes to put her shoes on over & over & over on the way to school. For Lucie, I tried everything I could find at hand including several pairs of very pretty girly shoes that she will happily wear in the house, but tosses the second she knows we are leaving the house. And again in the car. And again in the stroller. And again in the car on the way home and so on. All of those people who told me how easy it would be to have a girl after 3 boys either lied or never imagined anything like Lucie. She is a holy terror in every way, and thankfully for her, is cute & pretty enough that she can get away with it. That said, she’s still kicking my ass and I really just need one pair of shoes that will stay on her feet for at least a decent period of time so that we can just get somewhere, even if it’s just out the front door to the car. When I was just about to give up hope, as the very pretty, sparkly Mary Jane sneakers from Spain that I thought would be the sollution, flew past my head for the millionth time, I was once again saved by Morgan & Milo with a fabulous pair of little boots that she just can’t get off (Infant Double Threat, shown above and 2nd below, aptly named for the combination of laces & side zip that make them baby and toddlerproof). They are cute, she likes them with their orange laces & lining, and she cannot pull them off unless I help her. Right now, nothing could be better than that. So, yes, this week I love Morgan & Milo.


avery morgan & milo

 infant double threat morgan & milo

avril morgan & milo

woodstock furry morgan & milo

woodstock morgan & milo

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