TOYS: girlie toys

Once again, it’s time to start seriously looking at toys. Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is approaching, so that means just one thing, Christmas is on the way. And for those who are very fortunate, Christmas often means toys. Toy dreaming, toy listing, toy shopping, toy wrapping and, in the end, toy playing in a heap of wrapping paper, or perhaps just with the toy boxes. I now have the added bonus of a just before Christmas birthday that is getting to the point where we can’t get away with something quick and easy as we roll on by to Christmas.

My daughter, the first girl after 3 boys, will be 2 the day before Thanksgiving. Even if she isn’t quite old enough to get that its her birthday, her brothers are, so they are ready to be sure that we do it properly this year. To them that mostly means lots of cake, but it also means that I can’t get away with just getting soemthign that everyone kind of needs. Last year it was a bookcase that Lucie now uses as a climber after tossing the books over her head and stuffing as many cars as she can behind it. This year it means, according to her brothers, toys. And more specifically, toys for girls, the girlier the better.

Lucie is a very, girlie girl. A very, girlie girl with a very dangerous, hard driving streak that terrifies her parents, but still a very, girlie girl. She actually loves all of her brothers toys- cars, trains, Legos and whatnot- but we all know that she would really love something that comes in pink or purple. Lucie makes her own bracelets out of plastic stroller toy rings, hats and scarves out of anything she can steal, will wear 2 or 3 tutus at a time and has to wear pink shoes or crocs at all times in the house. So for the first time we are shopping for girlie toys for both her birthday and Christmas just a month later. Generally, I think toys are toys and I don’t really think about what’s for girls or boys and just get them all what they like. However, since she really does show a strong interest in things that are traditionally considered to be geared towards girls and we are lacking in that area a bit, we’re going to add a few special items to round out our collection. In fact, it’s my 6 yr old son who is really pushing for the doll house, so I suppose we’ll be making everyone happy. Here are few of our favorites so far:

giggle sunday doll

“Sunday” Dress Up Doll $60.00 at giggle

 my green dollhouseMy Green Dollhouse $54.99 at giggle


jess brown dolls  

Jess Brown Collection Doll $268.00 by Jess Brown

jess brown at land of nod
Odette Doll $119.00 by Jess Brown for Land of Nod



land of nod stroller

Merrily We Stroll Along doll stroller $49.00 at Land of Nod


petal pusher tutu

Petal Pusher Tutu $32.00 at Land of Nod


pink super hero cape

Pink Super Hero Cape $40.00 at Land of Nod


pink dump truck from green toys

Pink Dump Truck $27.99 from Green Toys


valco baby just like mum

Just Like Mum Princess Doll Stroller $110.00 (available for preorder) from Valco Baby

annie by haba
Annie Doll $35.00 by Haba at Diapers.com

Note: these toys are not all suitable for children under age 3, so be sure to check for age appropriateness before buying anything.