Etsy picks: Chevron

Several months ago I started recovering my dining room chairs and after looking at more fabric than I care to admit over the course of several weeks, I impulsively bought a fabulous orange and navy chevron. I love the colors, it’s bold and modern and just a bit unusual without being shockingly out of place. I wasn’t totally sure it was right until I saw the first chair and I immediately loved it. I still do. Every day when i see that chair it makes me happy. Just after doing the first chair we ended up buying a new table and chairs, so I put recovering the chairs on hold, but I love that fabric so much I’ve decided to use the rest to wrap my headboard. I can’t wait to see it every morning when I wake up. Since buying that fabric I’ve been noticing chevron items popping up everywhere. Here are a few great & easy ways to introduce a bit of zig and zag into your life:


Buckley Chevron mug (navy with super cool kelly green interior. I love this!)


chevron note card etsy picks

A set of 8 cheveron notecards (you pick the color & personalize with your name) $13.00


Chevron Canvas Tote (available in 3 colors) $40.00


chevron ribbon etsy picks

Chevron striped ribbon set (6 colors/1 yard each) $5.50


Chevron dinner plate (available in 4 colors) $23.00