Beauty finds: Neil George Intense Illuminating Conditioner

My hair lives a life of it’s own. It’s own mind, rules and direction. It does as it pleases and very little can be done to sway it in any direction that it doesn’t want to go. I have learned to just let it have its way and make the best of it. Any product that seems to have a bit of influence is always impressive. Neil George’s Intense Illuminating Conditioner has more than a bit of influence and I’m already hooked. This conditioner makes my hair, happy, compliant, smooth and very, very shiny. I have to do nothing to it and it just looks good. Seriously, air dry, not even a brush and it looks like I’ve just come from the salon. It’s really a bit of hair miracle in a tube. I have tried an endless number of hair care products and nothing has so effortlessly had this sort of impact on my hair. It must be the Indian Gooseberry. Whatever it is, it’s fabulous. This one is designed for color treated or “under-nourished” hair and even though my hair is really neither, it did not feel heavy or too slickery after. My hair really just looked shiny, smooth and healthy. I expected this to be more suited to a once a week deep conditioner for my hair, but I used it every day for a week and my hair looked just as good every day. And on the first day I went without it to check out the difference my hair was quite obviously not as happy. This is not an inexpensive product, but a little does go a long way and the results really do seem worth the $24.00/7 oz price tag, especially if you reserve it for a once a week boost to your normal routine. Though it might be hard to resist. If you need a less intense moisturizing conditioner, give the orange blossom infused Radiant Shine daily conditioner a try. The Intense Illuminating conditioner can be found at the Neil Goerge site or at Beauty.com.