APPS: Montessorium releases Intro in Geography for the iPad

 intro to geography app montessorium

One of my favorite App makers, Montessorium, has just released another new app for kids, Intro to Geography. As with their other apps, Intro to Geograohy couples their fabulous retro styled graphics with an app that really will engage your child enough to actually learn. Based on the montessori method of learning, Montessorium apps are geared to offer learning activities that are developmentally appropriate and reinforce the ways that we learn best. In other words, it makes learning fun. With Intro to Geography children learn the shapes, names, flags and locations of North (and Central) American countries, through puzzles, challenges and drawing exercises while also helping to develop fine motor skills and vocabulary. The app follows a road map format leading through each task one by one to the end with enough repetition to reinforce the information at each stop, but not too hard and with just enough fun to keep it moving. Completed sections can be redone, but it’s not possible to jump ahead. Some of the puzzles have smaller matchup pieces, so they could be hard for the very young to complete without help. I’d say an advanced 3 year old could get through much of it as a game and an older child could easily whip through and pick up the geography easily through the repetition.


Intro to Geography is rated for ages 4 and up and sells for $2.99 at the Apple App store.