Our Favorite Cooking Apps for the iPad: How to Cook Everything

 how to cook everythign app
This app is certainly one of the most useful food apps available today.  It is one of the two I use the most.   The first reason is the author, Mark Bittman.  He is, of course, the former New York Times food columnist, the author of a number of best selling cookbooks, including the print version of the cook book with the same name, he has appeared on numerous television shows and his work has been featured in countless print and online publications.  He can currently be seen in his program The Minimalist on the Cooking Channel.  Mr. Bittman is someone who has both tremendous experience with food, as well as an obvious love for and understanding of good food.  His approach is to take food food concepts, recipes and techniques for that level of food, many of which you might recognize from your favorite restaurants or well known chefs and simplify them.  The result is not merely a recipe for simple food, but rather a recipe for really good food that is both delicious and simple enough that anyone can make it. 

how to cook everythign app screen shotThe second reason is the quality of the app itself.  It is a natural evolution from his book How to Cook Everything.  The book has sold over 1,000,000 copies, won the James Beard general cookbook award and the Julia Child general cookbook award and spent a record of 130 weeks on the Los Angeles Times’ “Cookbook Hot List.” The app starts off with 2000 recipes and recipe variations, 400 illustrations and specially designed features for the mobile user.  There is an extremely effective, and easy to use, search capability that allows you to browse some of Mark Bittman’s favorites with his “Fast, Make-Ahead and Vegetarian” sections, his “quirky inspirations based on occasion, ingredients and type of dish” and his list of “Quick Dinners” that can be made in 30 minutes or less.  You can browse for recipes by types of ingredients for a particular dishes.  Another search feature allows you to enter the key ingredient, cooking technique and flavor and find a great recipe.  There are also other features such as easy to understand explanations covering a wide range of “Kitchen Basics,” built-in timers, shopping lists, the ability to print the recipes and the shopping lists from devices running iOS 4.2 and metric conversions. The app can be used anywhere, online or offline.  The result is an app that is a complete digital cookbook with a user interface that allows you to easily select, shop for and cook outstanding meals for anything from a quick weeknight dinner to and elegant weekend party. 

The app is available in a free version, How to Cook Everything Essentials.  It is described as a sampler and provides 100+ recipes that Mark Bittman considers “essential.”  It is certainly a great place to check out this app.  For the full version, there are 2 options:  How to Cook Everything for iPhone (compatible with iPod touch and iPad) for $ 4.99 or a version that has been optimized for the iPad, How to Cook Everything for iPad., for $ 9.99. 

how to cook everythign app ipad imageThe iPad version takes advantage of the extended iPad capabilities to give you an even more effective interface, as well as several new features, such as the ability to add your own notes to the recipes, full iOS 4 support allowing you to print recipes and shopping lists, add recipes to calendars and switch between apps, a constant on button, and access to hundreds of illustrated tutorials on a broad range of topics.

There is also a new vegetarian version, Vegetarian How to Cook Everything, available for $4.99. and it is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. The app has 2000 meatless recipes and variations, as well as Mark Bittman’s inimitable kitchen instructions and the other features from the How to Cook Everything series.

Find How to Cook Everything for iPad at the iTunes Store:
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