Our picks: 5 great gifts for a new baby

We will soon now have a new baby in the family (cousin, not number 5), so in honor of our impending new arrival, here are our picks for perfect new baby gifts (The new baby has just arrived, as of 5/22, & I have, I believe, sent him at least one of everything on this list, except the Nose Frida, need to get on that one right away— Kiersten):


solana swaddle blanketSwaddle Blanket

No parent or baby should go for a single night without a swaddle blanket. As a mother of 4 I can tell you with 100% certainty, this is the most important item to have (after diapers of some sort). This is such a great gift because it just keeps on giving and delivers sanity and peace wrapped in a cozy package. Not just for sleepytime, a good muslin swaddle blanket is the perfect stroller blanket, sunshade or even an emergency changing spot.  We love Solana (pictured, we also love their organic sheer & stretch wraps too) and Aidan & Anis blankets.


The BabySense Secret by Megan Faure

The BabySense Secret by Megan Faure

This book really is like an instruction manual for decoding the moods of babies, newborns and up. Whether for a brand new parent or a seasoned repeater, this book will offer support, guidance and peace of mind when you’re just too tired or stressed out to remember much more than your baby’s name. Find it here along with Faure’s other books, a wealth of additional information & the line of companion products that aim to make life with baby so much easier.

baby bjorn active

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier will make you and your baby happy, bottom line. It does also offer hands-free convenience and support for weary mommies & daddies, but mostly happy baby, makes for happy parents. This will let you keep your baby close, pretty much always and function as a human being, especially if you have other children. As the owner of more baby carriers than I could ever try to count, I know that finding the right carrier is very personal (not to mention addictive), but you can’t go wrong with giving a Baby Bjorn to the parent of a newborn, it’s easy to use and securely supports most newborns very soon after leaving the hospital. The Synergy or Active (pictured) carriers are great newborn choices. I also love the new Morph from Mamas & Papas, which allows you to have more than one harness, sized for each parent or a caregiver, and move the Baby Pod between them with the baby happily inside, which is a very nice touch. The extra accessories are great too.

Nursing Pillow

One of the best and most important things you can do for a new mother & baby is supporting breastfeeding right from the start and a good way to do that is with a good nursing pillow. Proper position and support of the baby while trying to find that perfect latch, especially when everyone is exhausted, can make a world of difference at making a really good start as soon as the baby is born. This is a gift that can go to the hospital not not stop giving for months. We love our Boppy (pictured), but there are many really great pillows available now, such as the new Gia by Simplisse which offers a unique angled shape to help everyone be as supported and comfy as possible.

giggle better basics

Organic baby gowns, onesies, tshirts & pants

Babies are a mess. They go through clothes faster than most parents can do the wash, so more baby basics are always welcome. When new parents have lots to purchase one place that’s easy to cut costs is by buying bulk packs of inexpensive white basics, so those gorgeous, organic layette pieces are appreciated all the more. Yes, babies look cute in anything, but why not look even cuter in something special and safer whenever possible. A few of the brands we love:  Kate Quinn, giggle better basics (pictured), Polarn O. Pyret Eco and Sckoon.

A few other ideas:

Check out Etsy for beautiful handmade newborn clothes, especially the dresses, a baby quilt from Haptic Lab, if you want to be really practical and have the undying love of parent who finds out a 2 AM just how amazing this is: a Nose Frida.