Zkano Organic Cotton Socks for the whole family

Zkano socks are super soft and squishy organic cotton. You will notice how great they feel as soon as you touch them and they’re even better once they’re on.  These socks are made in a family run mill Alabama from certified organic cotton and are available in several styles for men & women plus 3 styles for children. We tested out the very cute Striped women’s Knee Socks and all 3 styles  for children and loved each one.

I have to say that the Knee Socks are my favorite socks. They are truly the most comfortable socks I have worn in a long time, in fact, I want to do the laundry so that I don’t have to go a day without them. It’s not very often that I feel like that about a pair of socks. They are just really comfortable- they don’t rub anywhere, the fit is perfect, they don’t slide or droop or bunch or pinch- they just feel soft and comfy all the time. Plus I am always a fan of a cute striped knee sock, which now can be so hard to find. The adults socks are offered in the basics- 8 styles of low & mid height socks in white an natural. In addition there are several styles of knee socks, both striped and solid, including a cable knit, and the striped calf height. Prices starts at $5.50, with special reduced prices for packs of 3.

The 3 Zkano styles for Kids are a Crew, a 1/4 Sock and the “No-Show” and all 3 are available in 3 packs for $12.00. These are extremely high quality socks, the very best socks I have seen in a very, very long time. These remind me of socks I wore as a child, but just haven’t been able to find for my children until now. And the price really is great for such amazing socks that will wear so well, last until well beyond when your child outgrows them and give your children happy feet. The flat seam construction means no rubbed toes or pinches under shoes and the fit is superb. These are thick and super stretchy, so no baggy heels or extra material to bunch up under little shoes. Our favorite part though, might be the L & R stitched into the toes. My 2 year old just loves the letters, but it always helps my 5 & 3 year olds remember which foot is which.

Zkano offers a top notch sock that you will be so glad you purchased as soon as you touch them. Not to mention that the organic cotton is safer for you and your children, better for the planet and provides a much safer work environment for growers and everything in the vicinity of the growing fields really. Who would have thought buying such wonderful socks could support so very much? Please visit the Zkano website for more information on the full line of socks for adults and children and to purchase these most perfect socks.