Our Favorite Food Apps for the iPad: Gourmet Live

If you enjoyed Gourmet, well it is back in a new digital format for the iPad.  The new Gourmet Live app has the familiar mix of food culture, great recipes and outstanding photography.  There are new as well as classic recipes, interviews, videos and more about food and food culture, including seasonal foods, holidays and special occasions, restaurants, travel, chefs and so much more  The articles and pictures are displayed in an easy to use interactive grid format with bold photos.   The app is updated every wednesday.  The more that you use it, the more free “Rewards” you earn. These rewards are collections that provide a more in-depth experience with a wide variety of interests, such as Italian deserts, nouveau Cajun recipes, pizza, truffles & food photography and many more.

screen shot gourmet live iPad appimage via the gourmet live blogThis is clearly a magazine app, but one that applies digital technology and a new interactive format to stories, recipes, interviews, video and slide shows for people that are really passionate about food.  The app was specifically designed to work on the iPad and it does that very well.  The combination of the format, user interface, and well as the clarity of the pictures and graphics, combined with the type of recipes and articles that you could only found in Gourmet, make it one of my favorites. There were some early technical difficulties, but their customer support people were very responsive.  The current version was updated in April and mine works perfectly.

The app is free and it is updated with new articles and recipes every week.  In addition to the free Rewards, you can also download a wide range of additional “Collections” for $0.99.  Also for an annual charge of $9.99 you can upgrade to their SUPERFAVORITES version which allows you to store unlimited favorites (12 without the upgrade) and keep your content from expiring.

I read many food magazines on my iPad and generally prefer it to the print versions.  But Gourmet Live is the one of the first to make a real evolution from the print version to a new digital format.  It works and it is great to have Gourmet back.

Gourmet Live - Condé Nast Digital