Handmade: 5 Picks from Etsy

Yes, it’s more sandals. Theme of the week for the lovely weather we are finally starting to have here. If none of the lovely options in yesterday’s picks suit you or you really want a pair of handmade sandals, but aren’t quite ready to go for a custom-fit pair of Tuccia Di Capri’s or fabulously embellished pair of Canfora’s from Capri, here are a few handmade options we’ve found on Etsy.


Greek Leather Summer Sandals
Not from Capri, but the Isle of Skiathos in Greece. Handmade from leather with a colorful webbed strap for something a bit sportier and great for the beach or pool. ($40.00)



Handmade in the family factory, Tuto from Miami offers a wide variety of sandal options, from the leather thong style to the wooden wedge slide, there are even several options of handmade espadrilles and custom options available too. Above is a black leather thong styled sandal with braided button detailing. ($70.00)



Moroccan Inspired Braided Leather Sandals

These Moroccan inspired sandals are handmade in India with braided straps and a flat pin center detail. Perfect for anywhere really the warm weather takes you. ($50.00)

Low Cherry Square Mohop Handmade Shoesmohop

These are pretty cool, handmade in Chicago with a 1” mini-heel and ergonomically carved, padded footbed. Composed of solid cherry wood from sustainably managed forests in Potter County, PA. with durable black soles composed of natural rubber and rice husks. To make it even more interesting, each pair comes with 7 ribbons (you can even choose) and an inspiration booklet for ways to tie your pretty sandals. ($390.00 for pair shown, prices vary depending on wood chosen, bespoke options and a higher wedge style also available)


Very Vintage

A mix of Persian and Vintage inspiration, these offer a matte silver band with jeweled accent and toe plug, reminiscent of both the classic and embellished styles favored in Capri and Miami. ($80.00)