Music: This Is Your Grandfather's Rock (If You're Lucky)


It is rare in children’s music to come across artists who are not afraid to rock. Some will have a few songs which are rocking, but to put together an entire album that does so is the exception. Daddy A Go Go has done just that with this compilation from past albums. There are songs that are just plain fun such as “I Want To Be An Action Figure” or the cover of  “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah” as well as “teaching” songs like “Every Bean And Pea On Your Plate” with its Roy Orbison- wise (think “Pretty Woman”) rocking nutrition directive. These are songs for kids rather than to them, and they come with an infectious back beat and are not afraid of kicking in the overdrive fuzz. And your kids will appreciate the rocking fun here. With lyrics that speak to them, and music that isn’t afraid to shake it all out, this collection of Daddy A Go Go songs is a perfect introduction to the world of rock and roll. Certainly you can put on that Who record or even Sonic Youth and know that they might like it, but Grandkid Rock can be a gateway to a variety of rock and roll styles as John Boydston has chops aplenty, and it will also draw them in with lyrics like those on “It’s Hard To Be A Kid”, “how was I to know that be peanut butter won’t help your hair grow” or “I guess my grandpa likes my shows as much as me” from “I Caught My Granddad Watching Cartoons”. My personal favorite though on this album is the rocking cover of “What A Wonderful World”, for its translation of a classic song into rocker, and it seems to me to sum up what is right about this album, in that it does rock with great heart and a fun attitude. 


Grandkid Rock - Daddy A Go Go

Out now from Boyd’s Tone Records.


A CD was provided for review.