Our Picks: 5 things for Spring


jack rogers bahamas navajo jelly

Bahamas Navajo Jelly from Jack Rogers
These are the classic sandals made famous as a favorite of a former First Lady and international style icon reinterpreted in rubber for the pool or beach. A fun way to be comfortable, practical and elegant all at once. Or if you have messier little ones, it’s a good way to protect your regular shoes and just rinse these off when they’re glopped with paint or splotched with yogurt. Available in 4 colors.


babycakes cake pop maker
babycakes cake pop maker from babycakes
Cake pops are so very cute and here’s a quick and easy way to make them at home. You can make a dozen cake pops, yummy donut holes or maybe some brownie bites in just a few minutes. the size makes perfect a special treat for little ones without going overboard. They’re also perfect for packing up easily and taking on a picnic instead of cupcakes, cakes or pies.


target smith and hawken   target smith and hawken

Smith & Hawken for Target
I loved Smith & Hawken. They always had such fabulous garden products and really lovely outdoor furniture and accessories. Now Target owns the Smith & Hawken brand and offers a collection of reasonably priced goods for the Garden & Patio with that same Smith & Hawken look. Spruce up your yard with something special this spring- the copper and zinc planters will only get better with age and the outdoor cushions come in fabulous colors- or clean up the garden with their great tools. Visit the Target site for more details.



We’ve had a Zoku Quick Pop Maker since they were first introduced and we use it constantly. So much so that I was thinking of getting a second now that we have 4 demanding pop eatiers. While checking that out I found the new Zoku tools & Storage case which look like they will make life with Zoku even better. If you haven’t tried a Zoku, it lets you make ice pops in minutes, any way you like, right when you want them (ie healthy stuff disguised as a treat or anytime a screaming teething toddler needs something cold). The tools make it easier to make all sorts of fancy pops, such as layered flavors, floating fruit, or creamsicles. True, you can do this without the tools, but this looks so much easier than say, sucking the center out of a half frozen pop with a straw and to make a creamsicle while your children scream that you’re not going fast enough. (7 minutes to make a pop is oh so much faster than overnight, but it takes awhile for a 2 year old to really grasp that concept). The storage case lets you make a few batches in advance and store them safely at the ready for clamouring children.


anthelios sx daily moisture

Anthelios SX Daily Moisturizer
Now that it’s getting sunnier, wearing a high quality daily sunscreen is even more important. Anthelios is my very favorite sunscreen, highly effective and yet easy on my very sensitive skin.
Anthelios SX Daily Moisturizer offers a very effective moisturizer that really works and feels great on, not sticky or tacky, with a built in SPF 15 that offers a highly effective broad spectrum protection.