Famille Summerbelle

Famille Summerbelle produces a beautiful line of products that offers amazing and inspiring decorating options for your child’s room that you would be pleased to include in any room of your home: “an inspiring and reassuring space for the child which retains the creative, elegant warmth that we try to achieve throughout our homes. A room for everyone”. The line has grown from their maps to a wide range of lovely items including prints of the exceptional maps on paper and tote bags, Love Bug & Learning prints,  Paper Banners & Ribbon Tape, gorgeous Cushions and even wallpaper. Their Family Trees are a lovely way to create a special keepsake for yourself or your children. Each piece is whimsical enough to spark any child’s imagination yet spohisticated enough to look quite stunning throughout your home. 


I first found Famille Summerbelle through a video detailing the cutting on one of their amazingly intricate maps, the foundation of their line which has greatly expanded since. The original maps are cut by hand and can take 20 or more hours to complete (watch the video below to see the process sped up to just 2 minutes). Their prints of the original hand cut maps are just as beautiful. Any child would be thrilled to have one decorating their room or playspace and would be bound to imagine a whole realm of stories based on its intricate designs. Be it London, New York, Paris or now, The World itself, the Famille Summerbelle maps are not just maps, but food for the imagination with their sophisticated modern colors delivering a wealth of detail and personality inspired by the locations themselves. The City Bags are great for toting everyone’s gear out and about to the park or beach or just for yourself, if so inclined. I would love one for myself. Perfect for shopping for carrying your bag and an iPad, they offer an interior pocket and a padded bottom. These bags are made from organic cotton with the design hand screen printed in India by a socially responsible co-operative using ethical materials. The only problem, choosing a city, but that’s a problem with each of their products, you’ll not want to choose just one. Click the image below for a link to our gallery of Famille Summerbelle images to see much more. (update: we’ve also added a slideshow at the bottom thanks to Squarespace’s new feature. It’s stil a bit odd at times, so I’m leaving the link to the image gallery as well.)


Please visit the Famille Summerbelle site to see the full line and be sure to sign up for their friends newsletter to keep up to date with what’s happening. I’ve been told to expect several new products as well as new colours and sizes for the City maps this Summer. And do be sure to visit the Famille Summerbelle blog, not just for news on their lovely line, but for Julie’s fabulous finds as well. Famille Summerbelle makes me so very happy, I know it will do the same for you.