Our favorite food apps for the iPad: Smart Chef Substitutions & Whole Foods Market Recipes

smart chef suite app imageSmart Chef Substitutions  & Smart Chef Suite

Smart Chef Substitutions is a very simple app and yet it is probably one of the most useful for any cook.    It has 300 substitutions for a wide range of ingredients.  When you run out of something at home, you are at the store and they don’t have a key ingredient, you have dietary, health, or taste concerns, this app will help solve the problem for you.  I use it frequently with apps such as Epicurious or Whole Foods to replace unavailable ingredients or modify a recipe to meet my requirements. The 300 substitutions are in categories such as cooking, baking, dairy, herbs, vegetables, spices, alcohol, and deserts.  Smart  Chef Substitutions works in conjunction with the Smart Chef site to allow you to submit your own substitutions for future updates, as well as find healthy tips and healthy recipes.

Smart Chef Substitutions is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and is only $1.99.   There is also a version designed specifically for the iPad, Smart Chef Suite .  It is available for $2.99 and includes Smart Chef Conversions, which is a kitchen calculator for converting English and Metric measurements; Smart Chef Definitions with over 1000 cooking terms that are commonly used in recipes; as well as Smart Chef Substitutions with 50 additional substitutions.  


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whole foods market recipes app image

Whole Foods Market Recipes


The Whole Foods Market Recipes app is similar to the one from Epicurious and has a focus on recipes for natural, healthy, organic foods. The recipes also reflect Whole Foods’s philosophy of “having fun and sharing their passion for good food with you.”  The result is a wide range of interesting and diverse dishes from quick and easy meals, to health-conscious alternatives and meals with a gourmet flair.The search feature allows you to easily search by specific ingredients, dietary preferences such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free, category of meal or the course.   Each recipe also includes detailed nutritional information.  Shopping lists are generated automatically from the recipe.  A  useful feature of Whole Food’s shopping list is the ability to edit the list and enter your own items and personal notes. 


The app also has a store locator.  It finds your current location, takes you to Google Maps to show you the location of the nearest Whole Foods stores and provides driving directions as well. The individual store page has links to the store’s website and shows the specials for natural and organic food at that store, as well as their own recipes.

Whether you are thinking about your favorite dish, a specific type of cuisine, or only the 2 or 3 ingredients you have on hand, or you are at your favorite market and you enter the ingredients that look best, apps like this give you the ability to quickly and easily plan and prepare a meal for any occasion.  

The Whole Foods Market Recipes app is free and it works on the iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad.  

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