Things we love for kids: back to school highights

Honestly, I haven’t even begun to think about back to school, not really. Today my mother called suggesting I look at a few things she’d seen and would like me to order for everyone, which is where this began. We are in no way ready to really think about back to school in concrete terms. Too much going on, too many children, way too disorganized at the moment with way too many other things. However we did start having a nice look at some of our favorite places. My 20 month old screamed for shoes, literally, as they flew past her on the screen and very much wants the pair of boots at the top. Pretty, pretty, she says. I aim to run spotlights on many of our favorite brands and places to shop, time and life permitting, but here, in the meantime, are a few of the highlights of things we really love for back to school. ( I do have lists and lists of posts planned for things we love and our favorite back to school picks, even a few for moms and hopefully a few for dads too. Another thing to expect, once school actually hits, we’re back to our usual full posting schedule, so please do stay tuned and look forward to school for whatever your reasons.)


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