Beauty finds: REN clean skincare

Despite the fact that I have 4 high-maintenance, high-demand, small children and have no time for anything, my skin has the arrogance to be high maintenance as well. It just won’t be happy with easy to find, out of the drugstore types of products. It will make me suffer if I don’t feed give it exactly what it needs. And since children trump skin care (probably forever because I am that possibly pathetically child-involved) I just don’t have the time or energy to really give it what it needs. As a result, I ignore it, living like a dumpy, frumpy mess, until I just can’t ignore it any more and am forced to give in and buy it some indulgent new product to soothe its troubled diva-like temper. The good thing, though, is that because I am no longer as brand loyal as I was pre-child, I end up trying lots of new products. My lastest find is REN and both I and my ridiculous skin love it.

REN marries latest hi-tech bio actives with pure skincare practices (i.e. no yuckies like sulfates, petrochemicals, artificial additives & fragrances) to produce a very effective, gentle line of products that will please your skin, your conscience and your senses. (Read through REN’s 5 principles to see more of why this really is a great brand to indulge in). And as do many of my preferred brands, REN donates a minimum of 2.5% of their profits to causes that make the world around us better too.

REN offers a very complete line with options for for all skin types, really. I’ve been using the 3 products I decided to start with for about a month and I still love them. My skin is very sensitive to just about everything, so finding products that work for me can be hard. It can be even harder to find multiple products within the same line that really work for me, but REN offers so many possibilities that I have multiple options here. So far I’ve tested the Hydra-Calm Cleansing Milk, the Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream and the Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream

I wanted to start with the basics- cleanser, day and night moisturizer- and get a good overview of the line before I branched out into all of the other fabulous sounding products. My skin runs the needy gamut- dry, sensitive and ageing, so I’m pretty particular about what I will and won’t try. REN however offers a wide variety of choices that I would love to try, which makes choosing hard. I decided, for my first purchase to stick with the sensitive options for the 2 products that I’d be using the most, cleaners and day moisturize, and then pick something from the All Skin Types selection for my night moisture option since I really don’t use rone every day.

The Hydra-Calm Cleansing Milk is very gentle, feels great and leave my skin happy and smooth, not tight and dry. It’s silky smooth, rinses well and contains all sorts of great things to leave my skin not just cleaner, but happier too. The Bio actives in this formula are aimed at soothing, healing and protecting sensitive skin and I believe that that’s exactly what they do. My face always feels better after I wash it which is rare for me. The Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream is just as lovely. It goes on smoothly without feeling tacky or heavy and my sensitive-dry skin always feel better after I use it. It has that same sooth, heal and protect approach: bisabolol to reduce redness, omega 3 & 7 to reduce inflammation & irritation plus the Global Protection Complex with a range of anti-oxidants and free radical scavengers to protect the skin against UV damage and premature ageing, but without a sunscreen, so you’ll need to add one of your own for complete daily protection. There’s also no real lingering scent to bother those who are really sensitive which is always appreciated. So far, this combination has really made my skin feel happy and healthy. I’ve definitely seen a difference now that we’ve had some really harsh winter winds & cold which normally devastate my face pretty quickly. So far, I’m feeling pretty great, which is very impressive.

The Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream is designed for a wider range of skin types and a bit less specialized, but it is just as lovely and still manages to please my fussy skin. This one moisturizes nicely while targeting both added radiance and diminishing early signs of ageing, which is a great for me. My skin really does feel smoother and firmer when I use it. The scent is a bit stronger, but it’s light. The cream is a great weight for me for night, light, rubs in quickly and easily and leave my skin feeling like skin, not weighed down by a gloppy night cream. I don’t get around to using a night cream every night, often because it’s just too much for me to wear overnight, but this one is so light that I’m sure that I could easily use it nightly. 

These are such great products that I really can’t wait to try more and more and more. My list of products that I want to try next is long: No. 1 Purity Cleansing Balm, Moisture Protect Comfort Plus Cleansing Milk, Rose O¹² Moisture Defence Serum, Mayday Mayday Rescue Balm, Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish, I could go on and on. If you’re looking for a skin care line which offers a superb array of options for every skin type made with clean, pure, effective ingredients, REN is for you. Please visit the REN site for details on the full line of products for Women and Men.