Music: Tunes From A World Of Wonders

The Froggy Hop by The Chickadees is a kid’s boogie-woogie festival of wonder and instruction. Whether it’s the description of the life cycle of a frog in the the title track, or “Hibernation“‘s break down of what  hibernation is and what the animal alternatives to hibernation are (migration or adaptation), The Froggy Hop attempts to make learning fun when it comes to the natural world. Lead singer/songwriter mary karlzen has a very young and engaging voice, so that when she sings about the fun facts of the natural world it will draw kids into the song and have them learning while dancing around and without knowing it, almost as if absorbing facts with every pogoing step.  These same strengths are  also the downside of this album though, in that this is not an album you would most likely put on to drive the kids around, or just play for them to move around and sing with, being silly.

The Chickadees: Mary Karlzen, Anjl Rodee, Carmen Nickerson and Rosie Dempree

The Froggy Hop is fun but it is the type of fun that carries with it certain instructional undertones, which would make it perfect for a preschool science segment, somewhere between a dance party and a natural science workbook, so that kids can dance around while learning to recycle, reduce and reuse, or what all the names of baby animals are from a goose to platypus (a puggle—did not know that).  The Froggy Hop is a must have album for any kid who has a love of the natural world or for the preschool teacher who wants a fun way to augment kids’ budding enthusiasm and interest in nature with memorable songs of learning. 


The Froggy Hop by the Chickadees is out now.


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