Beautiful Books for Children

I think one of the most valuable things you can do for your child, besides love, feed and gererally care for them, is to help them live with art in their lives. A fantastic and super easy way to do this when they are young is through picture books, be it chunky board books or lovely long illustrated storybooks. There are so many beautifully illustrated books available that can be used to expose even the tiniest of children to color, form and design in a fun way. It will fuel their imaginations and inspire great, beautiful works of their own (yes, even a random bunch of scribbles or a brown, mud pie painting is a masterpiece). Early exposure does make a lasting impression, so each drawing, each lovely book, each trip to a musem or gallery helps build a lasting appreciation, a brighter mind and a brighter life. Here’s our first list of beautiful books to search out at your local bookstore or library:

abc's charley harper

ABCs (chunky) Charley Harper (AMMO Books)


a book of sleep

A Book of Sleep Il Sung Na (Knopf)



Stuck Oliver Jeffrers (Philomel)


little owl's night

Little Owl’s Night Divya Srinivasan (Viking)

Little Owl’s Night book trailer from Divya Srinivasan on Vimeo.


otis and the tornado

Otis and the Tornado Loren Long (Penguin)