Etsy picks: white out

So, I was really supposed to get this done last night. I’ve had it ready to go for a week and just needed to pull it all together and post it to go up first thing this morning, but I didn’t. Instead I passed out on the sofa, under a blanket, watching Miss Marple. Truth be told, I was too tired, cold and cranky to do anything. We have had almost no snow at all this winter, but yesterday was cold and wet and oh so yucky in so many ways. let’s just say no sleep (other than missing Miss Marple sleep), stomach viruses all around and a migraine doesn’t even begin to cover it. Today, it is still raining, however the high is supposedly 61 which sounds oh so much nicer. And thus, it’s not looking like we’re having a very snowy winter. Here are a few white things to replace the snow that I’m really not missing. I want to add that if I didn’t have 4 horribly messy children that wipe all kinds of horrible bits and yucks all over me, that white eyelet dress would be mine already. And, also, as my 2 year old screams at me, throws a book and begins to stomp, thank god it is Friday. And I really do mean that.


eyelet dress white picks

White eyelet dress $175.00


butterfly mobile kit etsy picks

White butterfly mobile kit $25.00


cashmere undies etsy picks white out

cashmere undies  $45.00 CAD


3 white bottles etsy picks

3 white wheelthrown bottles $118.00


emerald cut sapphire ring white etsy picks

Emerald cut white sapphire twig ring $675.00