SHOP & GIVE: the pedipeds “Purchases with Purpose” fundraising sale is here again

pedipeds sale with a purposeYesterday, pediped’s “Purchases with Purpose” fundraising sale to benefit the pediped foundation opened on pediped.com. Just like last year’s sale, select styles of some of our very favorite shoes for children, will be on sale for up to 50% off and half of the sales from the selected styles will be donated to the pediped foundation to help children in need. 100% of those proceeds will in turn be given to children’s charities. So, you get a great deal on some truly fabulous children’s shoes and you help children in need through the pediped’s foundation. To read more about how much we love pedipeds, read our review here. I have purchased many pairs of pedipeds for my children and we all have loved each and every pair. This sale is a great way to have these wonderful shoes and do some good for others as well. The sale runs through February 5, 2012.


And because pedipeds loves their customers as well, they have also started the pedipeds rewards program. More details are available on the site.