Inspiration: A bit of everything...for kids

Next week marks my youngest’s 3rd birthday and, as we rather lost the last 2 weeks to all sorts of not so fun stuff, we’ve been rushing to find the perfect presents. We are already drowning in toys, so we’ve been trying to settle on bigger items that will make everyone happy (mixed in with the only 2 things she’s asked for- something Dora and something Thomas). As the baby is officially about to be no longer a baby, we’re thinking it’s time to start de-babyproofing a bit and thus, will be opening up the basement playroom to full, unrestricted access for all. Since it will now be used more often, we’ve asked them all what they want to make it perfect. They all agreed on Wii access, a fully stocked art table and “a comfortable reading lounge area” and a gallery wall. So, this is where we are putting the birthday focus. Hopefully we can meet their expectations. They have once again, over the past 2 weeks, proven themselves to be Rock Stars, so they need a room that is as incredibly kick-ass as they are, each and every one.