Inspiration: A bit of everything...for kids

Tomorrow is my daughter’s 3rd birthday. As I’m attempting to type this she and her brother are making giant, 3-4 foot tall Duplo “ice cream cones” right next to my hands that are falling over left and right when they try to lick them. Left- smashing against the wall to the side of me. Right- direct hit to my fingers and the keyboard. I’m now thinking that I’m glad we didn’t get her more Duplos. We did get her lots of cute and very girlie things as per her request, but she is fairly scary for such a girlie girl. And painful, as the duplos smash down on me again. (And, yes, It’s me who’s helping them get the Duplos to the tippie top of their cones which are way out of their reach.) I think what she’d really love most is to share a room with her 3 big brothers. Even while she’s smashing her mommy with duplos, climbing on the dining room table while trying to reach the chandelier, jumping from the top of our very high climber, just assuming someone will catch her, she loves the pinks & purples, tutus and ribbons, sparklies and baubles. It’s all that pretty girlie stuff and those big blue eyes that help her get away with murder. However, she is flipping fantastic and we all adore her endlessly.

I am always in favor of giving children art to live with- be it framing their own masterpieces or some really great pieces that they can grow with. The first 2 pieces below are ones that I am considering for my children for Christmas. First of all because I love them and I think they could appreciate them somewhat as well. Secondly, because they are from the Art for Sandy Relief benefit editions from 20x200 and TIME. I always love when a gift can do double duty, especially when one of those duties is helping others, a great example to set for children at holiday times. Visit 20x200 for details on all of the editions & the local charities the prints benefit.

Next up, Mini & Maximus because I have yet to mention the new Boo Yah collection and I just love their pieces, their philosophy and their fabulous photos. Check out more at their site or go all the way past all of the other lovely things for kids we’ve tossed in this week to view the collection’s video. Or do both. I really love the stills on the site. So super cute.






























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