Welcome to the new site

We have just moved the entire site from its previous incarnation on the Squarespace 5 platform to the new Squarespace 6 platform. The new platform has allowed us a new look and some new functionality, which we will do our best to make the most of. The main change has been combining all new WORLD, LIFE and RECIPES posts onto the MAIN page. This way every new post will be in one place. For those of you who prefer to stick to one section, you can choose from the 3 main category links in the MAIN page sidebar. 

Everything from the old site is still here and can be found by either searching or by visiting the lovely {FROM the old site} folder in the top navigation bar. Within the folder are the imported WORLD, LIFE & RECIPES sections. You will notice various quirks of the migration, including dropped images in post excerpts and formatting oddities.  We have also added a sidebar that lists all of the categories from those 3 sections to make finding what you want a bit easier. All new recipes posted in the MAIN section will also be re-posted in the RECIPES section, so that it will always include all of our recipes.  Also in the works are a few new pages that are being modified from their older incarnations on the old version of the site. 

If you have any question, concerns or suggestion, please feel free to let us know. I can always be reached via email at: kiersten@greenspotblue.com or comment below.