Toy Fair Highlights: V-Tech & Rockboard Mini

I didn’t make it in to the Toy Fair this year, but I’ll be posting on some of the highlights over the next week. To be honest I forgot it was this week because I had way too many other things happening & lost track of time. Silly me. I am however still getting the press releases emailed directly, which is a good thing or else I may have missed the whole thing completely. I’ll be reading through all of them, far less fun than visiting the toys in person, and pull out the most promising new toys and any fun toy news that I come across.

From V-Tech (expected release date Fall 2012):

Switch & Go Dinos: these super cool toys transform from Dinosaurs to vehicles & back again offering children ages 3-8 an interactive play experience that combines 2 of their favorite toys. I know these will be very popular in our house. The toys are designed t o morph easily in as little as 4 steps, so that even little hands can manage the transformation without help, and offer customizable LCD screens that offer animated dino eyes, driver faces, sound effects and educational dinosaur facts. Prices will start at $15.99 for the full range which includes Brok the Brachiosaurus, Span the Spinosaurus, Attila the Ankylosaurus, Sliver the T-Rex, T-Don the Pteranodon, Tonn the Stegosaurus and Horns the Triceratops.


Cogsley: this kid-friendly educational robot is equipped with 5 interactive body movements including twistable ears, a spinning nose and eyes and a sound detector that triggers a variety of expressions and movements. He also comes with a set of 30 chips - marked with letter, words & pictures- that offer further interactivity as Cogsley “reads” them triggering responses on his LCD that teach children learning fundamentals including letters, counting, words, manners and even basic Spanish, French, Chinese and German language skills. There are even chips that make him dance and exercise, sp Cogsley offers a full set of interactive activities for your little ones. Cogsley is designed for children ages 3-6. (SRP: $39.99)


From Rockboard:

Rockboard Mini:  Rockboard released a new version of it’s Original, the Rockboard Mini. It’s a scaled down version of the Original Rockboard, made specifically for younger kids under 90 lbs (ages 5 & up). Rockboards all feature Rockboard Propulsion Technology™, a human-powered mechanism that combines the drive-chain propulsion of a bicycle with the practicality of a kick-scooter. In other words, it’s rocking mechanism offers the features of an electric or gas powered motor that is instead powered by little feet. The scooter is available in 3 colors, white, blue or pink & also offers a more traditional kick mode. It  can also be folded up for easy storage and transport, so it really can go anywhere. All Rockboard Scooters are built to last, with an ultra-strong steel box frame and front fork, an ultra-strong deck, and a rear spring-enhanced suspension for a smooth ride. And yes, it’s all pretty awesome. So awesome that it just won the TIA’s Outdoor Toy of the Year Award. To see more, watch the video below or visit Rockboard’s site.