Inspiration: A bit of everything...for kids

Since it’s been mostly fashion this week I’m starting off with a few cute girlie items. I’ve been working on several posts on spring fashions for children and am hoping to have time to get them finalized very soon. These next 2 weeks are probably going to be way too busy here to do anything I really want to do, but here’s hoping.  I’ve also been thinking of doing a mini-style blog sort of series for children. I’ve been taking almost daily shots of my daughter’s outfits because they always turn out so very cute. I generally have nothing to do with it. At 2 she already picks her own clothes (& accessories) or her Daddy does and I rarely intervene, but I always love how it turns out. I’d love to start posting her looks and add other real life looks from other real life children as well, a kind of mini style rookie. I’d also love to do the same for rooms and spaces designed for children. So, if you ever want to send in some gorgeous snaps of your little fahionista or fashioisto?, whatever a super cool boy would be, or your great space, please do along with any details. We’ll post whatever we can. Email to: submissions@greenspotblue.com (submissions[at]greenspotblue.com). I’d love to eventually do a daily post, so if you feel like sending anything, just do it. Really.




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