Ed. notes

This is going to be a quick one again. This is supposed to be the final wrap up weekend before we do listing photos for the house. I say supposed to be because we also have 3 out of 4 sick children and probably 2 out of 2 sick parents, a birthday party to (probably not) attend, very likely a trip to the doctor and a to do list of things left to do that is not shrinking. When I had the list out yesterday adding more to it instead of crossing off, my 4 year old, said you need to add play with me, not clean up, you need to add run around and play checkers with me, you need to add play games and have fun. And he’s right I do. So, I might just need to put everything else on hold for the weekend and do as he asks. He’s been sick all week, missed Valentine’s Day at school, might be missing a party that he has been waiting for for weeks and his mommy sucks, so he might just need to get what he wants. Even if it’s just sitting on my lap while he watches videos because he’s too sick to run around and really has no idea how to play checkers.


If I’m not too sick to work at night or too busy touching up paint, moving furniture, playing with washi tape or scrubbing yogurt off the floors, I will do my very best to write up fashion week, the Toy Fair & the 10 million other posts backing up in my pipeline. I really would love to start adding in posts with images sent in from those of you, your fabulously fashionable children (see above to see what I consider fabulous. don’t you just know you can do better?) or your wonderfully worked out spaces for your children. And anything else you’d like to share- crafts, recipes, projects, room make overs, favorites of any kind (grown up stuff too)- we’d love to work it in somewhere. ( Email us whatever you’ve got to share) I will be posting quite a bit about the work we’ve been doing here to get this place ship shape and as uber-pretty as possible quite soon. And you will see that what we would love to celebrate here is not utter perfection in the tippy-tidy perfect sense, but spaces that are perfectly adapted to your own or your family’s lifestyle (An in progress shot of one we’re working on now is below). We decorate by need, fear & desperation here most often to minimize trips to the emergency room. Hopefully the tide is turning and we will be able to do just as we please soon, but with #4 being a future Ms. Daredevil, I doubt it’s as soon as we’d like. Again, I will say that those of you who said a girl after 3 boys would be so easy, such a nice break, you either lied or could not have envisioned our LuLu. 

(Because I wish I could have a vacation)


Alila Villas Uluwatu Bali

Delaire Graff Estate (see the view above)


(because everyone should have pretty walls)

Daily steals from 20x200 (great deals from the archives)
Daryl Carter for Benjamin Moore
Novogratz for Stark paint collection

(Because sometimes you just need a better looking light bulb)

plumen lights