BOOKS: 201 Oraganic Baby Purees

201 organic baby pureesTamika Gardner’s new book, 201 Oraganic Baby Food Purees, is a perfect place to start if you’re just getting started with solids. Written by the founder of SimplyBabyFoodRecipes.net, this book offers a fantastic selection of easy and delicious, super healthy recipes that will carry you from your very first puree right through to finger foods. Recipes are marked at the start with a few tags to let you know what you’re working on, which is a great touch. Basics will give you a single ingredient puree, for your beginning baby or that can be later mixed with other basics to add a variety of tastes to your little one’s repertoire once ready. Freezer-friendly lets you know what really can be safely stored for re-heating later, which if you’ve had any experience with making baby food before, you’ll know is very helpful. Superfoods let you know which recipes feature super-powerful nutritional ingredients and are extra good for your extra special baby. Instant is for when you need something fast, quick recipes that don’t require cooking over heat. And finally, the Parent tag lets you know which recipes can be worked into the family dinner or adjusted a bit for everyone older than one. The book also delivers a helpful rundown on organics, ingredients, nutritional details, all the basics to get you prepped to be a super baby food chef in no time, with a few tips if you don’t have the budget to go full-on organic.

Recipes are well suited to each stage of the developing solids eater and offers plenty of ideas to offer a bit of variety for your baby and exposing them to more tastes and flavours at an early age without overwhelming them. the menu ideas for those who’ve moved beyond the basic puree is so helpful too. As someone who has gone through what to feed little ones 4 times and is still always looking for new ideas, this is really great. If you’re already past the puree stage there is still plenty here to help when it comes to deciding what to put on even the most picky of toddler’s plates. Plus, those freezable purees can be kept for up to 8 weeks, which is great for smoothies or when you need to sneak a bit of extra nutrition.

Having an easy way to provide a good variety of taste to your child as early as possible really can make it easier to feed them later. Now some toddlers might clamp down and only eat white foods for a few weeks or want to live on spoonfulls of peanut butter, but having a book like this can make life so much easier when you’re searching your over tired brain for a way to just get past having the same things day in and days out or you need a few ideas to tempt your toddler away from the Cheerios. I have to say that way more than a few of the recipes sound really good to me and I’d be happy to try them out myself. I really wish I’d had this book much sooner and I know we’ll continue putting it to use for quite awhile.

The book is available from Amazon or Barnes & Noble or through the Adams Media Bookstore (link below). Also be sure to visit SimplyBabyFoodRecipes.net for even more recipes & ideas for feeding your children.


201 Organic Baby Purees: The Freshest, Most Wholesome Food Your Baby Can Eat! By Tamika L. Gardner


* A copy of the book was provided for review purposes