Music: The Sounds of the Stars

La Bella Stella is a collection/compilation from Recess Music of some of the brightest stars of kid’s music in the fifth in its “Celebrate Earth” series of CDs. A portion of the sales for each “Celebrate Earth” series album is intended to assist protecting and preserving the environment by donating those portions of the proceeds to a selected environmental organization, with the portion of the proceeds from La Bella Stella going to the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center in Concord, New Hampshire, which is dedicated to the exploration of astronomy, aviation, Earth and space science through active learning by all ages. 



Starting with the high energy “Nature’s Lullaby” by Maria Alley, this album is less about sending the kids off to dream land under the night sky as it is about the mystery and majesty of the night sky. Although songs like “Shooting Stars” by Martha Johnson definitely are more low key, the roots rock of Andy Z.’s “Galaxy Song” is definitely not intended to wind things down, but on the whole the album does have high bedtime potential as the songs impart information on the universe surrounding us in melodious doses.   


La Bella Stella has loads of different types of songs like the aforementioned “Galaxy Song” which educate kids about the solar system or AudraRox’s “Gravity” about, well, the ups and downs of only the greatest force in the galaxy.  Then there are the fantastic songs, the imaginative songs like Wayne From Maine’s “Man in the Moon” which looks to the heavens and sees magic. One of my favorite songs is the ballad of “Pluto” by Rocknoceros, which laments Pluto’s decline from planethood. All told La Bella Stella is the type of album which can be relied on to send the kids to nighttime dreams with the wonder of the galaxy flowing thru their minds or allow them sprawl out on the floor for an afternoon to listen to, learn and let their minds soar.



La Bella Stella is out March 27th from Big Round Records.


A CD was provided for review.