Ed. notes

Things have been odd here (as in at home) over the past week or so, which is why we’ve gotten next to nothing done here (at GSB). Our little website has felt sad & neglected all week, so I apologize to it and will make a loose, indefinite “promise” to do better very soon. My fingers are still a little crossed. If it were a real promise I’d have to do it and I’m still not sure what I’m doing in general. We may have made a decision to just stay in our pretty little house for a bit longer. I had absolutely decided to do so after a sleepless weekend of attempting to prep the house for pictures with a hurt back & while my 4 year old had a nasty virus accompanied by a just a touch below 106 fever. It didn’t mix well and all just did not seem worth it.  When we were suddenly given an easy way out, I took it and decided to stick with that and the promise of more fun for everyone for awhile at least. Maybe more sleep and less time on my bruised knees picking smashed cheerio bits off the floor that the vacuum just can’t seem to get. Anyway, then that same day the kind of house we were looking for popped up. It has most of the pluses and only a few of the minuses.  But, because the type of house we are looking for right now is a house we can redo top to bottom as we want itto be, it would mean no fun for anyone for a very long time, unless you consider refinnishing floors & stripping wallpaper, gutting kitchens and finishing basements fun. I do, but most 2-6 year olds do not. I’m not sure they will appreciate the long term value of buying a house 2 or 3 blocks from a super cool playground if you don’t get to use it because mommy is busy picking paint colors. So, if we stay I have much more free time to play, work on this site and can just ignore those mashed cheerios for as long as I like. Decision to come in the next few days. I know what I should do, but I’m not so good at choosing the should much of the time.

We do have (if all goes as planned) Mini & Maximus’s Spring Collection,reviews of the new Nick Harkaway book, Angelmaker & The Shin’s Port of Morrow, more Sean Flaherty and whatever else I can finally wrap up coming up this week.


I mentioned a few of my must watch picks for the coming week in yesterday’s post, so here are a few more things to check out in other areas:

Stop the Water While Using Me: A lovely line of Natural Products from Germany

If you heard yet, Domino will be publishing a special issue next month. On the stands April 17: domino QUICK FIXES, so watch for it. I’m marking my calendar or else I really might just forget.

If you’re looking for some lovely things to add to your own pretty hoe, do check Madeline Weinrib Atelier. She has some very, very lovely options. Not only do I love the one of a kind pillows made from vintage textiles and silk scarves, she has many beautiful rugs in some fabulous color combinations. I am definitely warming up to pink because, though I do love the indigoes best, I think love the pinks, especially the Hot Pink & Orange Westley & Brooke. The Pink & Silver Silk Westley is pretty fabulous too (above).