Friday fun: Natural Egg Dyes among other things

Easter’s not the kind of thing I keep track of, so it always sneaks up on us and we are never ready. When you have children in preschool, it’s hard to just ignore it and hope they don’t notice. I had no idea it was upon us until Tuesday night, when I found 2 emails telling me I needed hard boiled eggs for both of my son’s classes on Thursday. The school dyed eggs are to the right. My 4 year old’s, despite asking if he could make them all the colors he wanted, chose to do solid yellow & solid orange. His bag decorated only with his name in marker. My 3 year old however, went all out on his eggs with both dye and crayon in multiple colors and a fully painted, crayoned & appliquéd bag. My 2 year old is now well acquainted with jelly beans & everyone has expectations. Now everyone here seems to think I’m supposed to be ready with baskets, jelly beans, eye dye and Easter egg hunts, so I guess, I will have to be.

If you’re still getting ready to dye eggs and are not yet fully prepared, like me, but don’t want to use store bought dyes, here are a few links for some homemade alternatives:

Natural Egg Dyeing Techniques (from Martha Stewart

Natural Egg Dyes (from Family Fun)

Natural Egg Dye Recipes (from Tradewinds)

Natural Ester Egg Dyes (from about.com Chemsitry)


If you need some non-Easter fun (we’re on Spring Break as of this afternoon), check these out:


From one of my favorites- Made by Joel:

Holy Toilet Paper Rolls Batman! (image above)

Cardboard Crown Tutorial

Paper Circus Rider Toy

And a few more:

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