Monday, Monday

Things have been rather slow here for the past 2 weeks. Or, I suppose I should saay, rather dead. I am absolutely at fault, but in my own defense, I spent much of last week nearly dead or at least resembling something dead. The house is a mess, we are behind on absolutely everything possible, I have about 2,000 unread emails (that number may be low actually) and just now, I am sitting up and attempting to be human today. Attempting, not suceeding. Today will be the first day I get everyone to school in 2 weeks and that’s where I’m starting. The rest will follow as I can manage to wade through the debris and find what once was our lives. We have been struck by all sorts of wild pestilence, injuries and whatnot that I cannot even begin to describe it all. And I’m sure, nobody really wants the details. God knows I don’t and I’ve just been through it myself, though at least for much of it I was lying down, often on the floor, and thus not totally aware of every detail even as it swirled around my head. It’s nothing catastrophic, just endless, droning on of all sorts of yuckity bits that brought us right down to a grinding halt. And so, on this Monday morning, I declare that the end is in sight and we really will be at least getting back to normalish this week if it kills me.