Music: Happy Music Movement

I Am Happy With Sukey Molloy is an album with 18 songs for the very young. As with anything for very young children, shorter is usually better, and the songs on I Am Happy fit in perfectly with this idea. Molloy’s voice is fun and engaging, with the hint of laughter in it. From the opening tune, “I Put My Scarf on My Head” to the final title track, the songs lend themselves to a sort of music and motion playtime for babies and toddlers, where acting out the songs or dancing becomes a part of the fun of listening to them. The CD comes with a lyric sheet that also has helpful hints for playing along with the songs, such as seeing if kids can make cuckoo sounds as they sing with “Cuckoo Bird” or rolling around on the floor like Jack and Jill do in “Jack and Jill” or imagining how you move about while playing in the snow for “It’s Snowing.” Such suggestions are helpful and a good guide that should help parents who want to show their kids that there is more to music than just passive listening, that an important part of the musical experience should be allowing the music to move both body and imagination.

Photo by Dyana Van Campen

I Am Happy With Sukey Molloy is out now.


A CD was provided for review.