Inspiration: A bit of everything...for kids

Yes, I have been doing very little here lately. It’s the end of school, start of summer, right between 2 birthdays with associated presents to buy, trips to take (just back from the NY Aquarium, Bronx Zoo up next), camp starting soon, swimming lessons starting soon, swim suits to find, buy and swap around, sunscreen to replace, the list goes on & on. Now that we’ve completed our new dining room table, it’s crying out for a change of chair. We’ve been looking at oh so many lately trying to decide what to do and had landed on just recovering in laminated cotton and painting the chairs. However, after waiting for all 4 children to decide on 1 fabric, the one they chose has sold out and we are looking for a new option in lieu of holding on for it to come back in stock or going through getting them all to agree on 1 more, They can’t really anyway. So, the new project will be some form of drawings on canvas. We have a huge stash of leftover painting canvas that needs a use, so it will either be finding a home on the chairs, or if that doesn’t work, I’m thinking of having the drawings printed on upholstery weight fabric. We’ll see how it ends up, but that, you see is where my mind has been, searching out child safe fabric protectants, choosing a no-VOC pink paint for LuLu’s “new” antique big girl bed (Mythic now makes a paint & primer combo, so very exciting) and what not, wrapping presents, making birthday brownie sundaes and the like. I’ve also been working on a hipstamatic “father’s day present” that is probably really for me, scrubbing up the house, pulling out water blasters, hanging pictures (almost all of them are finally up) and chasing down lost tuition checks. And most importantly, playing with my favorite 4 little people. It’s been fun. I am one for excuses aren’t I, but the last one is the best.