Things We Love for Kids: homemade icepops

Now that it’s really super hot (we’ve just had a very lovely heat wave), we are solidly running through the frozen treats and since I’d prefer to keep things on the healthier side when possible we don’t stock the freezer with sugary pops or tubs of ice cream (we do have a teeny, tiny tub of Hudson Valley made Vanilla though). We go through oh so many frozen yogurt squeezers each day and everyone just loves a good frozen pop. With 4 children we need to either keep a heavy supply on hand or have a quick way to produce pops on demand. We always have several boxes of yogurt squeezers frozen & ready, but sometimes they want something a bit different. Plus a nice ice pop  is always welcome when there’s a fever or two running through the house or you have a teething breakout. The best thing about homemade pops is that you control the ingredients and can easily adjust to even the pickiest of pop lickers. We can mix juice varieties, whip up a batch of smoothie pops or today, a special batch of non-dairy frozen “yogurt” pops for my 5 year old who has been taken off dairy for the time being so his brothers and sister can stop sneaking frozen yogurt in the kitchen behind his back. Here are our favorite pop makers to keep it easy and the ice pops ready to melt all over your floor, table and little fingers & knees as needed. Or pretty dresses. My favorite part.

zoku ice pop maker- original version 


We love Zoku because it makes pops on demand in 7 minutes (a bit more if you’re on your second batch of the day, with certain concoctions or if you get fancy with layers). Zokus are now available in a variety of sizes with some very helpful accessories to get you going with ease. Plus the new Chocolate Station & Character kit are pretty fun looking I have to say. We love them oh so very much. With a Zoku in your freezer, you can have a super cool ice pop for a very sick little one even in the dead of winter in just minutes any time of day or night another huge plus here. The pop is small, so very good for littler hands & mouthes and they incude a drip guard attachment for the sticks. We’ve had ours (the original 3 pop mold) for a few years I have never regretted giving it its permanent chunk of the freezer. I just need to get one of the new single pop makers so I can easily make 4 at once. 


kinderville little bites ice pop molds



Kinderville Little Bites Ice Pop Molds

These silicone molds from Kinderville are so great, just fill and freeze. When ready, pop the top off and squeeze up the pop of your choice, This is the least drippy option I’ve tried (if you don’t push the pop up very far) and it’s quite easy for little ones to hold and eat without as much help or unfortunate incidents. And, with 4 colors in each pack, you can even color code the pops so you always know whose is whose at a glance if you have different requirements for different children. 





Crate & Barrel Set of 6 Ice Pop Molds

This is a new one for us this year (thanks to the grandparents). We have 2 sets for a steady stream of ice pops. Our current favorite pop to keep on hand is a mix of orange juice & lemonade This mold is oh so easy to use and very efficient- includes attached drip guard, pop on very secure mold, a tray to hold them while pouring, transporting to the freezer and freezing plus they are dishwasher safe. These are great for keeping a supply of pops ready to go. The tray does take up a bit of freezer real estate, but once frozen you can easily store the pops off the tray. The molds do pop pretty securely onto the sticks, so you might be able to freeze off the tray, but I haven’t been brave enough to try it yet.





What I love most about all of these options is that they come with everything you need and are so easy & convenient. Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store and they make pops that are tailored to your needs. And what’s summer without stiky floors anyway?