Beauty finds: Scalisi Skincare Anti-Aging Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30

This is honestly, possibly, the best thing that has touched my skin, maybe, ever. Scalisi Skincare Anti-Aging Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30, is a superb combination of an anti-aging miracle worker & broad spectrum sun protection. A fabulous moisturizer that makes you look and feel fantastic with a full SPF of 30 is truly something to rave about, an absolutely amazing find. I love this stuff so much. So much so, that, when I looked up the price (which is 3 x what I currently pay for my beloved Anthelios SX) I said oh, that is so reasonable. I, honestly and truly, expected it to be 2 or 3 times the $110 price tag. I did. It’s that great. If I hadn’t just bought a brand new tube of said Anthelios, I might have just jumped right on it and called it an early birthday present to myself and felt it was totally worth every penny. I still might. There are still 2 full months until my birthday and, old as I will be, I need all the help I can get. I’m not sure that I can go on wihtout it once my way too small sample has run out. And it’s almost empty. Luckily it’s so smooth that a little goes a long way.

I found the fabulous Scalisi Skincare Anti-Aging Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 in one of my Birchboxes. I am so bad about getting through them, that this, wonder cream might have just gone untouched for, well, ever had I not forgotten to apply some sunscreen on a very, very sunny day recently and been too late (read as lazy or tired) to run back up stairs and put it on, so I looked through my overfilled shelf of sample products that are piling up, including 3 Birchboxes I think, and just grabbed the first thing I saw that had an SPF on the tube and rubbed it on. It was that fast and it was that fast that I knew how super fabulous Scalisi is. I looked better as I was rubbing it on. Really. I felt better, my dry, pouty, petulant skin felt smooth, happy and glad to be alive. And it, my face, my skin, looked like real skin. Like skin on people who sleep and eat and drink enough water, go out to lunch, get manicures & blow outs, exercise and don’t have 4 little children whom they themselves chase after all day & night long. People who have babysitters & nannies. People who look like rested human beings. Not much can do that in a few seconds when my poor, “mature”, abused skin is ravaged my too little sleep & too much coffee and whatnot. It’s fabulous. Truly, madly, deeply fabulous. Read more about the “technology” at the Scalisi site and know that it not just protects you from the sun (meeting FDA skin cancer prevention standards no less), makes your skin marvelously happy and fights aging, it’s like a little bit of happiness in a bottle for those of us who don’t just exist with perfect skin.


(You can buy a sample tube for $10 shipped directly from Scalisi if you want to try it for yourself before taking a leap and you can read the full ingredient list here.)