Music: Hot Sounds

Caspar Babypants new album Hot Dog! is another fun collection of songs which refuse to be pegged by a singular style or genre of kid’s music. I have always thought that Caspar Babypants and artists such as Dan Zanes are perfect gateway artists to introduce your kids to all that is good in rock and roll/indie rock. Hot Dog! features guest appearances by Tad Hutchinson from The Young Fresh Fellows among others. Some particular favorites from this outing are the piano driven “Summer Baby (Let It Ride)”, “I Don’t Mind” which features the back up vocals of Tad Hutchinson, and “A Thousand Tiny Doughnuts” with its great surf guitar.



Caspar Babypants live at Top Pot Doughnuts photo: DKI think the thing that has always amazed me about the music of Caspar Babypants is the eclectic nature of the albums, where the styles are all over the place but still all fit into the tone of the album, and the fact that the music and lyrics are fun for kids without playing down to them. There is a level of complexity to these songs both musically and lyrically that belies the fact that the target audience is probably not able to spell most of the words sung. As well, there is a real emotional richness to these songs, such as in “Even Bugs are Sleeping” which is a beautiful lullaby for the insect world and those insect loving kids in your house. Hot Dog! is a great album which your kids should find fun for extended listens and even better, you won’t mind and might even look forward to hearing over and over.


Hot Dog! by Caspar Babypants is out now.


A CD was provided for review.