Taste: The New Drink Bomb

One of my favorite drinks has always been orange juice mixed with seltzer water, with the ratio being altered depending on whether I was searching for sweetness or more fizz. The folks at grombomb have taken a similar idea to create an alternative drink that hovers somewhere between a soda and a sports drink. Lightly carbonated, the grombomb drinks contain no high fructose corn syrup and no caffeine, but they do contain an assortment of B vitamins and are electrolyte enhanced. The name is derived from the surfing term grommet, and according to the company (and according to Wikipedia) “grom” now is used as a term to describe young athletes into action sports, so grombomb is intended as a bomb to rehydrate the young athlete (or their parched parents). Made from all natural ingredients, grombomb comes in four flavors, “pintail punch”, “seaside sour apple”, “wipeout watermelon” and “liptrick lemonade,” all of which the good folks at grombomb sent us to try. All four were tasty, but the favorite was liptrick lemonade by far (though the punch was surprisingly good too, especially as I have had a long distaste for punch as a flavor, related to an unpleasant childhood experience …but I digress).


The only downside is that they come in cans, which means while fine for tweens and above, they are not ideal for the younger kids, but then carbonated drinks never are. But as I said the carbonation is slight and just present enough to give a certain reviving sting to the drink. I can remember as a kid the ritual of having cans of soda after youth soccer games, one parent being responsible for bringing a cooler-full for the team after the game. And while I’m sure such things are now frowned upon (at least I hope so), I could see a cooler-full of grombombs being a great (and healthier) way to celebrate a victory or console a loss. Definitely worth a try, especially when faced with kids who want a soda, grombomb seems a much better alternative (especially if your kids don’t figure out this stuff might actually be good for them). So far as I can tell, grombomb is not yet available through national chains, but that probably will be remedied soon (surprised WholeFoods hasn’t picked up on it yet). In the meanwhile, you can order it from their website.



Samples were provided for review.