Music On Deck: video edition (for kids)

We always switch over to music at bedtime. Being mildly sadistic, we were tuning in to the “Light Classical” channel provided by our lovely cable company. The idea being that it would help everyone calm down before bed while instilling a life long appreciation for the beautiful music that was being forced into their little ears. Being force fed classical music as a child did just that for me, but I wasn’t making a transition from Ninjago to Pachelbel, which turns out is just too dramatic unless there are pretty pictures to help ease the pain, shcok and horror of bedtime. At a certain point, we had a rebellion. They will not, cannot, go to bed without the musical transition, but they demanded a change in style. First we moved over to the moderately torturous “Toddler Tunes” (turnabout is fair play I suppose) and now by mutinous demand (after the channel switched from happy toddler friendly backgrounds to solid black), we’ve moved on to videos on our AppleTV. They Might Be Giants is the running favorite (we have a very scientific bent and a devotional love of numbers here), but we’ve begun a nightly demand or no one will go to bed without at least one run of The Shin’s “Simple Song”. There is hope after all. Though it is nearly impossible to tear them away to actually go to bed without a quick reversion to the “Toddler Tunes” just to reel it back in and get up the stairs. Here are a few bedtime worthy videos for the little ones that you will appreciate too.