Music: When You're A Kid

When You’re A Kid by Shira & Friends is a fun filled five song EP full of upbeat engaging tunes. Shira has a strong voice and the lyrics are all about having fun as a kid, or what a kid can do to have fun, or finding the things that make you happy. The title track is a great opener, about how music can get you moving and it’s quick beat is sure to encourage little ones to get up and move. I imagine that it is great live track too, a great way to get the kids moving from the start of the show. “Dance, Dance, Dance” with it’s ska-like beat has a similar effect, with lyrics about using dance as a way to alleviate the blues. The third song, “Doing the PJ”, is not really a bedtime song but makes bedtime into a fun time. But the final song “While I Dream of You” is a sweet lullaby which would make a great addition to any sleepy time playlist for your little one. “I Want A Monster” is a fun song turning the monster under the bed concept on its head and making the imagined monster into a friendly presence of the imagination rather than a fear. My only complaint with When You’re A Kid is that it is an EP and goes by too quickly, but it is a good introduction and a welcome addition to music for kids, with fun songs your kids will enjoy, and based on it, I would expect experiencing Shira & Friends live would be a great time for kids.

When You’re A Kid by Shira & Friends is out now.


A CD was provided for review.