Things we love: twistband

Lulu wearing a twistbandOnce again something I absolutely love has popped out of my Birchbox and I don’t know how I’ve managed to not see this sooner. Twistband is so simple and yet so fantastic I just had to share it right away. I am constantly pulling my hair back and letting it down, over and over, all day long. I also have very thick, heavy hair that resists being pulled back and tears through ponytail holders constantly, so I always have at least 2 ponytail holders on my wrist at all times.  It’s also so hard to find one that I like- doesn’t pull too hard on my hair or slide right off, not too tight, not too loose, doesn’t snap on the first wearing or wear out in a few days. It seems like a ponytail should just be a ponytail, not an endless annoying battle with tiny bits of elastic just to get through the day. Well, I think I have found my solution to my never ending battle with my ever independent hair.

twistband 12 pack from birchboxTwistband is a soft piece of knotted elastic that comes in pretty colors, sits nicely and quietly on my wrist without calling any sort of attention to itself until it’s needed. When it is needed, it slips effortlessly onto my hair, is easily twisted into place without any pulling or snagging and just does it’s job. A perfect ponytail every time and so gentle that it feels like my hair is holding itself back. Whether I twist it on for a full ponytail, wrap it around for a quick bun or pull back a bit of hair at the nape of my neck, it holds gently and oh so comfortably without slipping. When I slide it off there’s no snagging, yanking or creasing in my hair and it goes back to sitting prettily & comfortably on my wrist. And another plus, possibly a miracle, my 2 year old who will under no circumstances even let you suggest her hair be pulled back without a fight, it wearing a ponytail right now for the first time. She thinks “her” twistband (no longer mine, apparently) is pretty, soft and comfy. Because it’s thicker, softer and stretchier than a traditional hair elastic, it holds securely without pulling, even shorter or finer hair is easier to pull back securely without discomfort or quickly sliding out. I love it and so does my daughter, which, really, truly, is amazing. 

Twistband is available in a variety of colors and styles to suit any occasion. Twistband also offers headbands and some pretty cool looking shoe laces too. Visit their site to see more and to order. They are available as singles or in 3 or 6 pack sets. You can also find a whopping 12 pack set at Birchbox. I’ll be ordering more right away since it looks like I’ll never get the one I have back from my daughter. Whether you spend your days working hard at your office, chasing after little ones, are running errands or just running, twistband is a perfect way to make your day just a bit easier and is always at the ready when you need it.