Inspiration: a bit of everything...(sanity edition)

This week, I'm having a hard time thinking about pretty things. Anything really. I'm very sad and I, who am not the crying sort, have been doing my best to not cry over and over. Over and over because I don't want my own children to be scared. Over and over because the horror of a few days ago is so extreme I can't imagine that it could be allowed to exist and yet it does. Over and over because just one slip of a second that makes me think of how each of those parents feels is so painful, so unbearable. Over and over because I think of those supremely brave teachers and the other adults present who did the incredible things that they did to protect those children, to make them less scared, to save them in what should have been a safe place, a normal day. Over and over because I can't believe that there are people in this word that think their selfish want, their ridiculous, immature desire to have a toy, a dangerous, deadly, shamefully, horrifying toy is more important than anyone else's need to breathe, exist, more important than the life of one child, more important than their right to life, their absolute right to be alive. Over and over because it just should not be.

We have the power to stop this. We have the power to be sane. To protect ourselves and our children. To make them be safe, to not be afraid. We have the power to demand stringent gun control. We, the People, do not have the right to kill our neighbors and their children. We, the People, do not have the right to put our selfish personal desires to play at being cowboys or soldiers over the absolute right of our people to not be gunned down in our homes, our streets and our schools. We, the People, do not have the right to put an individual's desire for a gun, a instrument of death, over the right to any other individual's right to life, right to breathe, right to exist. No gun is worth the life of one child. The right to bear arms belongs to those who are trained, licensed and regulated by our free state, our nation, for its protection, our protection. We are not still a collection of colonists standing together with a handful of muskets proclaiming our right to defend our new nation against those from whom we are seeking freedom. We are not demanding our right to create a free nation and defend it from its attackers without the resources of a fully formed armed forces at our service. We, the People of these United States, have in fact, many fully trained, prepared, stocked and ready branches of both national, state and local defenses to protect us all- the army, navy, air force, marines, national guard, reservists, state and local police, the list goes on. We are not a brand new nation of citizens joined together with muskets at the ready in our homes just in case because that is all we have. Our resources are vast and beyond anything the drafters of our constitution ever could have foreseen. My guess is that had they any inkling of how irresponsible we are, how abusive of their intent, how vulgarly self absorbed we are with our own personal wants over the good of our children, our neighbors and our nation, they likely would have been more careful with their wording to protect us from ourselves. We, the People of these United States, have the power to demand better.  To demand sane, rational controls of weapons of death and destruction. To demand change. To demand protection for ourselves and our children in our homes, our streets, our businesses an our schools. To demand that this never be allowed to happen again.

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