Inspiration: a bit of everything...for kids

For the past few weeks, we have been pretty much focused on child related stuff here at home. Obviously, Christmas has been the biggest deal here for, well, since June when my 2 oldest have their birthdays. All 4 have unwrapped all sorts of super cool toys & books, as well as a few bigger items- a trip into the Big City to ride the subway and visit the Transit Museum (that was not really wrapped and came a day early), a super cool new bed for 3 (that's 3 levels, not all in 1 bed), an iPad mini and a mobile hotspot- and we are again drowning in LEGOS.  We are still stuck in child world all week with the momentous occasion of potty training boot camp for our youngest child, normally a 4th of July holiday weekend event, but we really want to ring in the new year right. I'm not very free to type this week, but I'm making notes of oh so many new posts for the new year. Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and see you next week.