miniNEST: bunk beds

Our new Tromso bunk bed for 3

We have been looking into moving a new house for awhile and one of the biggest things we've been focusing on is finding a space that works better for the 3 boys, who still really want to be in 1 room together. Their room is very cute, but has a few oddities that make fitting in 3 proper beds a bit of a challenge. The fact that they are busting out of it was making us feel like we needed to find a new house sooner rather than later, but we have found a solution that has made a huge change for everyone, thanks to their grandparents & Ikea. I don't know why I didn't realized this was an option sooner, but the Tromso bunk bed with trundle has absolutely transformed their bedroom situation from a must fix to pretty friggin cool. 

Before: the room with it's original mini bunk bed for 2

It was actually Grammy's suggestion and finally we listened, drove over to Ikea and checked it out. Though we are literally at Ikea every 15 minutes, we had never actually looked at the bed because 1 part of the whole set up was always out of stock every time I checked on it. I now see why. It's a great, solid bunk bed with a super price. I just wish they still had the silver version, but the white is still pretty nice. The whole package, bunk bed and trundle, totaled less than $300. All in all, it was moderately easy to put together. It went together fairly quickly, but at a few spots, it does take 2 to assemble. Unlike when our previous Ikea mini bunk bed, the Kura reversible bed,  was being put together, it did not take all day and I did not hear lots of unseemly screaming coming from the bedroom above. Also, unlike the Kura, I can climb up on the top bunk of the Tromso without fear of falling through or breaking the ladder. And we get the added bonus of a third bed that just rolls right underneath & out of the way. 

Below, one more before shot of the Kura and a few after shots of the room with the Tromso. Just before switching beds, we repainted from a bit of a caribbean blue (picked when my oldest was 2) to the lighter Benjamin Moore Icy Moon Drops (we used Benjamin Moore Natura). I first saw the color painted in the back of a cabinet on Pinterest I think and tracked it down. All 3 boys also chose it because they liked its name the best. It's a bit subtler than the original color, between a pale ice blue & a really lovely robin's egg and makes the room much brighter and sunnier. The rug is a (sadly) discontinued Flor tile, Striped Poodle. The bedding & pillows are all from Ikea as well. The stripes were not what we (I) planned on, but when everyone saw the big bin of stripes in their favorite colors, they all grabbed their own and that was the end of that.  (We also have the pink strip in my daughter's room.) And each chose their own pillow cover too, so I really had no say in any of it. (See more great bunk bed ideas in this weeks mini edition of our Inspiration post.)


AFTER: TROMSO bunk bed with  trundle from IKEA