We the People: WhiteHouse.gov

Screenshot of the WhiteHouse.gov website

On Friday I received an email asking me to complete a survey about WhiteHouse.gov. There was one question about sharing information from the site- infographics, video, photos, press releases- that really grabbed my attention. I have visited the White House website many times, but I had never directly thought about sharing content from the site. So, I went to the site and gave it a much better look. If you haven't visited recently, you should. Not only does the website provide information about pretty much every aspect of The White House, the Administration & the Government itself, but you can also start or sign petitions, view press briefings, read the blog, get direct links to issues that concern us all and view photographs, videos and even live streams of events from the White House itself. There are interactive tours, podcasts, an App and endless amounts of information that is not only informative, but presented in a way that makes it accessible and understandable by all. It's super fabulous really. And yes, it made me feel like sharing.

One of my favorite and possibly the most impressive item I saw was West Wing Week. This is a video rundown of the previous week that is informative while keeping things simple, clear, concise and entertaining. It's worth watching every week to get an insight into what's happening and to get a glimpse inside the White House.  If you see something in the rundown that interests you, full videos, transcripts, briefings etc are all available on the site. After watching the latest issue: West Wing Week: 01/18/2013 or "#NowIsTheTime" (included below), I went on to watch the videos from President's announcement of his plan to reduce gun violence, as well as reading the related transcript. You can even find links to the various Twitter accounts, Facebook page, YouTube & Vimeo channels and the like, as well as contact The White House directly.

Having access to this information is a great thing. To have it presented in a way that makes it interesting and appealing, easy to navigate and digest is also an outstanding achievement.  Knowledge truly is power and there's a whole wealth of knowledge presented here for the taking.  WhiteHouse.gov is an amazing resource, I encourage you to take full advantage of it often. Educate yourself and you have the power to change the world.