Music: Sound Is Everything

Everything Makes A Sound by Preschool of Rock is a fun entertaining album, with a little bit of something for every child. For the child who likes the upbeat, more rock and roll sound, the type of music to move around and run and dance to, there are songs like "Off to School", "Shake It", and "And We Dance". Then there are the songs we call out for singing along like "The Family Song". And for those kids who like the more funky beats of world music styled sounds, there are songs like "Safari Song", the inventive found object title track, which utilizes household and everyday items like keys and tape to create the rhythm and melody, and the reggae infused "Jump When I Get Up". And finally those songs to wind down and chill to, such as "Song in the Trees" and "A Little Breath In". Napolitano proves himself on this album to be a skilled songwriter, creating songs that cover a large swath of styles and tones, but with each one making music that is fun to share with the kids, and with its variety, sure never to grow tiresome to hungry little minds.

Everything Makes A Sound by Preschool of Rock is out now.

A CD was provided for review.