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Nora Kogen Loved Ring in Silver

This is the first year that I will have 4 children in school and will have to produce a collective 80 plus valentines. Normally, I design the Valentines myself  to hand out at school. But I think 40's my limit, so this year I'm printing all of them. I spent a bit of time the other day running through lots of examples of DIY Valentines and free printables and I was so impressed with so many of the super clever and stylish cards I saw available. We've found an option for everyone and my work will be well within my limits. The 5 year old has chosen  a very cool set of free animal printables that's perfect for him and the 7 year old, after looking through endless online options, is recycling a redbird subway design I did for him 4 years ago. In the mix of all those lovely handmades & ready to prints, though, I found's Valentine Maker, which allows you to customize various Valentine designs for free and email yourself a pdf for printing at home. Yes, it's super cool. My 3 & 4 year old and I did 4 very quickly and they are really cute. We customized colors & fonts to give them exactly what they wanted. And all I have to do now is print & cut about a million times, but everyone will be happy. 

Mini Rodini Love Sweatshirt

If you need more ideas, here's a really great list of links to on-line Valentine ideas & printables from The Long Thread.

Here are a few Valentine gift ideas, just in case you feel so inclined:

Mini Rodini's Love Sweatshirt for that special little one

bkr Limited Edition Candy Heartbkr Water Bottle

bkr's limited edition Candy Heartbkr Water Bottle

Nora Kogan's Loved (or Mama) rings (at top)

pink or RED iPod touch

Los Poblanos Lavender Salve for those who need some extra soothing this Valentine's Day

one garnet girl for a superb pink pair of earrings or perhaps a ring like the stunning 14k Palladium White Gold and Princess Morganite Solitaire Ring shown below.

One Garnet Girl Palladium & Morganite Ring