Music: What A Find

Caspar Babypants returns with yet another incredible album of music for the whole family with I Found You!. As before, Chris Ballew has put together a solid collection of songs which will have the kids singing along, and which parents will be happy to have on heavy rotation, as it has been in our car. And if your kids are anything like ours, each time you get in the car, they will shout out for you to start the CD on their favorites. In our car it works out well that two of the favorites are the first track, the title track, and the second, "Just Wondering".  And these two songs sum up what is so special about the music of Caspar Babypants, in that our kids don't often sing along with music but with these two songs they will, and not only that but they have been lately breaking out in song just playing around the house. My particular favorite is "Too Dirty To Love" since it includes a great guitar line and solo by Mudhoney's Steve Turner and an incredibly catchy chorus. Also though the song that follows, "Skeletone", is a great minor key song that belongs on a greatest Halloween hits album.  The low key tune of wonder "Woods Behind My Home" as well has a great melody and lyrics. In fact, it is impossible to think of a song on I Found You! which does not work, which is a rarity on any album, much more so on an album of kid's or family music. And I Found You! is definitely more an album the whole family can enjoy together, which is a testament to the songwriting prowess of Ballew and his ability to recruit strong ensembles and special guests to record the Caspar Babypants albums. I suspect that I Found You! will have a long reign at the top of our car's chart, and will be the number one album for yours as well.

I Found You! by Caspar Babypants is out now.

A CD was provided for review.