WATCH: Neon Indian, Belle & Sebastian on Yo Gabba Gabba Sunday


This Sunday, February 17, Yo Gabba Gabba will air a brand new episode featuring performances from Neon Indian and Belle & Sebastian. The episode takes the Yo Gabba Gabba group on a mission to retrieve missing blankets that have been stolen by a selfish, blanket-hoarding Dragon! Neon Indian will perform "We All Learn From Our Mistakes” as a Super Music Friends performance and Belle & Sebastian join in with an animated performance, plus surprise guest star Jeffrey Tambor (“Arrested Development”) also stops by to play a, feisty miniature king in the Medieval-esque village visited in the gang's quest.

Belle & Sebastian can also be heard singing the original tune “You can do it if you try,”  on YO GABBA GABBA! MUSIC IS… AWESOME!: VOLUME 4…also featuring songs by Cut CopyRocket from The CryptThe RootsGeorge Clinton and many more. Available at iTunes or Amazon (link below).

- The All- New Yo Gabba Gabba Episode Airs Sunday, Feb. 17 on Nick Jr. at 8 p.m. ET/ 5 p.m. PT

Music Is Awesome 4
By Yo Gabba Gabba